Shopping Of The Week

Shopping Of The Week

It has been a busy week and little time to go shopping. But thanks to online shopping you do not have to leave the house to indulge yourself. And the joy of receiving a package when you least expect it? I leave you my selection of the week: party dresses, high boots, sandals, coats and even a hat!

Shopping Of The WeekI hope you like it, enjoy the weekend

Draped dress by H & M (39.90 euros): if I tell you to see it in thinking about the holidays, you’ll think I’m crazy, right? Although there is still much for the holidays, when December approaches the stores are filled with people while the dresses fly. I would remove the peak of the skirt, otherwise beautiful!

Shopping Of The WeekShelter of Zara Kids (49.90 dollars): the camel is the color of the season and in all the stores you can find a lot of coats in that tone. If you want a low cost version I propose this to Zara children. She wears wool, feels good and the price is more than interesting. There is one similar in Woman for more than 100 euros…

Zara suede sandals (29.95 dollars): for a couple of seasons the sandals are still in my winter closet. You just have to look at the weather, to make sure it will not rain, and combine them with well-dyed socks. I love these from Zara, they have an air to YSL Tribute?

Shopping Of The WeekNude shorts with Queen’s Wardrobe bow (about 35 dollars): And after much doubt, I made my first order to this website so famous among the bloggers of the world. I have arrived in a week and not go through customs. I will repeat!

Silk dress with jewel neckline from Mango Outlet (54 dollars): I’ve been looking at the Mango collection from last year and I realized that I was left with the desire to buy this dress. Still not cheap, but I’m thinking.

Fosco lace-up shoes (65 dollars ): the Oxford style shoe is still worn and looks like it’s not going to be a fad. My favorite this suede model in a neutral tone like gray.

H & M heart neckline dress (39,90 dollars): The collection of H & M party dresses has very interesting proposals. This nude dress is one of the most beautiful.

Shopping Of The WeekBoots with laces Zara (79,90 dollars): It was a crush but I have not seen them in the physical store. I cross my fingers so that I do not have large cane.

LBD Black Mango Outlet (25 dollars): There is always a hole in the closet for another black dress. I love the frilly cuffs and it’s great for price.

Felt hat with Zara side loop (15.95 dollars): it was hard for me to cheer myself up, I felt a bit ridiculous wearing something on my head, but they gave me one and I already have a good collection. This one from Zara has stolen my heart, it’s 100% Blair Waldorf.

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Cardigan de Zara Kids (22.95 dollars): and in other of my visits to the children’s section, this jacket came with metallized threads. It’s warm and looks great with jeans and a white shirt.

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