Shopping of the week

Shopping Of The Week

And here we are with our special weekly shopping after the bridge! Despite the rain, temperatures have risen and finally we can start to remove the clothes of spring. And although it is still early to go with no stockings, I cannot stand them, there is less! We can think of skirts in light fabrics, lingerie dresses and even bikinis. I hope you like the selection this week.

Shopping Of The WeekHakei high waist skirt (60 dollars) I try not to enter much in this store and is for one reason only: I like everything except the prices. But this striped fairy was screaming at me from the door. The advantage, they make so few units of each garment that it is very difficult to cross with someone that takes the same skirt.

Shopping Of The WeekH & M jeans shorts (24.90 dollars): shorts are one of my favorite garments for spring and more if they have ties. There is also the skirt, but feel much better the pants.

Stradivarius lingerie dress (24.90 dollars): another store that I do not usually enter, for reasons opposed to Hakei, but occasionally hides some surprise. That sure white dress that becomes a must for me for the summer.

H & M Trend double layer skirt (35,90 dollars): I declare myself an unconditional fan of the H & M Trend collection! I have a radar to locate garments with the pink label. My last discovery is this skirt with colored fleece.

Shopping Of The WeekBikini with stripes and tops (9.95 dollars): and thinking about Easter and the first break of the year to the beach I have already signed this blue and white bikini. Beautiful and what a price.

Mango silk dress (49.90 dollars): and another proposal to wear in spring events. Word of honor, stamped and with the detail of the leather belt.

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Promod dress with white mini ruffles (29,90 dollars): and another store in which I do not usually set foot but where you can always find something interesting. Sailor stripes and flounces, two trends that unite in a single dress.

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