Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary

Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary

In the labor world there are people who are better negotiators than others, a skill difficult to master. “When it comes to negotiating a higher salary, the risks are quite high, because you can receive the denial and be badly stopped before your employers,” says Aine Cain in his article” 18 surprising negotiating tricks to help boost your salary “. The Business Insider magazine. For that reason it is important to enter into any fully prepared salary negotiation. If you are looking for greater possibilities to ensure a better result apply these 6 tips that can give a boost in your next increase negotiation.

Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary1.- Always use an exact number for the offer and counter offers.

A Columbia Business School research suggests that the use of accurate numbers makes a stronger anchor in the negotiations. Starting a negotiation with the exact numbers leads the other party to think that you have done the research to reach those particular digits.

2.- It follows a salary range instead of a single number

The use of precise numbers does not mean using precise individual numbers. In another study Daniel Ames of Columbia Business School found that presenting a salary range – even above your desired goal – is the best way to get results. The range of amounts works because it gives the boss information about what you are actually asking for.

Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary3.- Think of negotiation as a competition

In most wage negotiations, it is best to assume that it is a competition, that display leads to better results. People using competitive strategies ended up with higher wages than those who were “complacent.”

Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary4.- Use the email

If you are the one who is asking for a higher salary, it means that you are not in the position of power. Therefore, based on a study by Imperial College of London, it was possible to determine that the person in control usually wins the negotiation. In that sense if you are negotiating with your boss, you will have a better opportunity if you make the agreements by email.

Six Forms Of Negotiation That Will Help Improve Your Salary5.- Make the first offer

In this type of negotiations, it is most appropriate to make the first offer because the amount is reached, which affects the course of the negotiation. The people who make the first proposal end up with a positive result because they can throw a high amount and reach an ideal figure.

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6.- Keep your hands down

It is important to keep your hands down to prevent transmitting weakness by trying to protect the face, mouth or eyes, this indicates confidence and a better posture in holding your position.

Being able to raise is a matter of skill. It is best to enter a kind of competition with the other party and try to take advantage of any weakness. But the most appropriate when asking for a raise is to fulfill your work and demonstrate that all the projects you took were successful.

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