Six on-trend summer wedding tips

Summer has long been the most popular time of year for weddings, as there is a much better chance of a warm sunny day. Warmer weather opens up lots of possibilities for themes and styles – even if you will be a guest at several weddings this summer, you might find each one is very different.

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There are trends and fashions in weddings. The key to making your wedding memorable for being both on trend but unique is to know what the trends are and then put your own twist on them.

1. Smells of summer

A sense that is often overlooked in party planning, the warmth of summer lends itself perfectly to scents. Smell is such an evocative sense and can make a huge difference. Fragrance can come from your flowers; alternatively, for a more uniform scent and the ability to get the strength exactly right all day, incorporate scented candles into your decorations.

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2. Fresh herbs

Herbs can help with scent, as above; in addition, they are a lovely way to add a delicate colour and structure to floral arrangements or as decorations in their own right.

3. Lighter food

The wedding breakfast is a huge part of the celebration and often one of the biggest financial investments. Keep it lighter with seasonal salads and strawberries and cream.

4. Hold the ceremony outdoors

Be at one with nature and get married outside – but have an indoor alternative just in case!

5. Pretty pastels

No longer confined to bridesmaids, pastels are a lovely way to soften the colour scheme. It is your wedding, so why not include pastels in the dress code?

6. A statement veil

For a while, veils fell out of fashion; now, they are back in a big way. Even if minimalism features in other parts of your wedding, the trend in veils is the more extravagant the better.

The Knot has more tips if you are planning your summer wedding at the moment. Discuss your ideas with your Kent wedding photographer and ask what they have seen. Professional photographers such as will be able to tell you what is trending in your local area.

Take the trends you like and run with them – it’s your wedding! Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what is trending; instead, it is all about what you want.

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