Robelf, A Smart Robot For Children

Robelf, A Smart Robot For Children

The universe of robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds and makes available to children and adults a wide variety of gadgets of the most interesting, revolutionary and innovative.One of them is Robelf, an intelligent robot for children that was presented just a few days ago at the Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona and whose creation has involved the entrepreneur Lincoln Chen, CEO of the company that has been responsible for giving life to this original gadget.

Robelf is an intelligent robot for children that can also be very useful and interesting for adults due to its multiple features and benefits.

In addition to offering a humanoid image and a size that adapts perfectly to the children of the house, Robelf has the ability to connect to various devices and display images through its screen.

The robot also has wheels that help you move around the house in a 100% safe way, since Robelf has an infrared system with which you can control the space, which prevents it from hitting the walls and the furniture and prevents it from falling down the stairs.Robelf, A Smart Robot For Children

Another aspect to highlight of this intelligent family robot is that it can be controlled from the mobile phone, a function that is combined with a facial recognition system.

What are the benefits of the Robelf smart robot for children?

If you are passionate about new technologies and are looking for gadgets that enhance your children’s learning, from Wikiduca we recommend you try our application to learn English playing and combine it with the use of intelligent robots as complete as Robelf, an innovative device capable of :

  • Facilitate to parents and teachers the programming of tasks of five minutes or less that help the little ones to learn new and interesting things while having fun.
  • Protect the home by having an automated video surveillance system that makes Robelf an excellent guardian and a perfect gadget to protect all members of the family 24 hours a day.
  • Record everything that happens at home, which also makes it very useful in the lives of people who want to record their best moments and be able to view and remember them years later.
  • Charge your battery by yourself thanks to its iBeacon positioning system and its QR code recognition, features that allow you to return to your charging station when you run out of battery, so the user does not have to pay attention to recharge it.
  • Show cooking recipes through its screen or step-by-step instructions to repair a device of the house in a practical and simple way, among other functions that acquire a great importance in the home.
  • Know, when the children are left alone at home, if they are well at all times, as well as discover what our pets do when we are away from home.
  • Tell stories, which stimulates creativity and imagination of the youngest of the house and instills love and fascination for reading.
  • Make phone calls.
  • Be handled by adults and children of all ages because, to control it, it is not necessary to have technological knowledge.

If you want to know better the multiple features of this intelligent robot for children and adults you can take a look at the following video.

The qualities of Robelf’s intelligent robot for children made it possible for its creators to collect, at the end of 2016, a total of $ 149,855 through a crowdfunding campaign launched on the Indiegogo web platform.

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More intelligent robots for children

If Robelf intelligent children’s robot has seemed interesting and you are passionate about the new technologies sector, it is very likely that you also like TROBO.Robelf, A Smart Robot For Children

It is a plush-robot that uses children’s stories, contests and hobbies to get children to have the opportunity to learn while playing and to learn more about the universe of mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology, among other subjects.

Another somewhat simpler but also very interesting robot that is also sold on Amazon is Dash, an android that is controlled by Bluetooth technology through the smartphone or tablet.

Your mission? Encourage learning among the little ones by resorting to games, challenges, and experiments focused on stimulating lateral thinking and in helping children to acquire new knowledge while they spend it.

Did you like the robot for children Robelf ? And the rest of the children’s robots that we have talked about through this article published on the Wikiduca blog?

If you are in favor of including new technologies in the lives of your children and/or students, do not forget to tell us which are your favorite intelligent robots.


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