The Benefits of Team Sports For Children

As adults, we are expected to be team players who can work together with colleagues as part of the community or within our own family. How can we build those skills in children? One effective way to help children gain these valuable life skills is by encouraging them to play team sports.

Getting Along

As the saying goes, there’s no “I” in team. Being a team member helps children to see the benefit of being part of something and working with others to achieve more than you can by yourself. Having a coach gives a child another adult to interact with, in addition to other children who may take on the role of Captain.

Valuable Skills

Team sports also give children the chance to see the benefits of what calls the three Ps: Practice, Patience and Persistence.


For many team sports, the sense of belonging is symbolised in the kit. Whether it’s a football shirt on the pitch or a fleece or hoodie bearing the team name, wearing the kit symbolises belonging, and a feeling of belonging is important to children’s well-being. Reliable football kit suppliers such as Kit King ( can provide hard-wearing kit to make kids proud.

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Getting Active

With childhood obesity on the increase and children spending more and more time in front of computer screens or using tablet computers, it is more important than ever that they get active and spend time outdoors. Team sports pack the double whammy of providing great exercise along with the social connection, and it increases connection for the parents, too. There’s nothing like cheering your kids on together to give parents a reason to chat and make new friends.

New Connections

There are also opportunities for you to connect with your children over a shared passion. Watch the professionals play the sport together, either on TV or by taking your children to a game where they can enjoy the atmosphere. Be a part of the team with them, spend time with them as they practice (remember those three Ps!) and enjoy a kickabout down the park or just in the street outside.

Being part of a team gives children many opportunities to grow as individuals, whether it’s the joy of winning or the hard lessons of accepting when things don’t go your way.

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