The life and times of the great Casanova.

It’s customary for us to think of the name Casanova as being someone who likes to be a bit socially and morally ambiguous. While it is true that Giacomo Casanova was serial womaniser and had a slew of relationships across Europe it is not only that which we should remember him for, he provided us with a great written account of what life was like in the   18th Century. One thing that is certainly surprising is that he was very conscious of his sexual health. He was well known for using Condoms before they were popular, although his were not latex based but from and animal. He would blow into them first to check for holes and proceed if they did not. It is vitally important that you consider your sexual health as well and an STI test London company such as can be there to help you so that you do not have to go through what Casanova and his courtesans such as the beautiful Madame de Pompadour had to go through.

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The life of Casanova would take far to long to tell and it might be an easier route to just read his memoirs. We can’t be certain who truthful he was in them anyway and the whole mythos that has come about surrounding the man also clouds what we do know. He was born in Venice, a city he would love forever. He was the first child of 6 his parents would have although he never sired any children himself. At the time Venice was the place to be if you wanted a bit of illicit fun, or even if you wanted a lot of illicit fun. Young men from around Europe would travel there as part of the Grand Tour designed to educate them in the architecture and ways of Europe. What it actually did was introduce them to drinking, smoking and a higher class of prostitute that they were used to at home. Unsurprisingly, this was just something that the rich did.

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Casanova soaked all of this life style in and soon began to see it as normal. His first dalliance was with two sisters as he was taken on to learn of Venice’s social graces after he left University. He soon fell foul of his employer after he slept with the lady that his employer fancied. This was to become a recurring theme in his life and would get him into a lot of trouble. Still, at least he could say he’d had an interesting life.

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