The ornate splendour of Buckingham Palace.

You simply cannot get a more Palladian style residence than Buckingham Palace in the heart of London, Westminster. It is the UK Monarchs London residence and, if the rumours are true, is not the current Queen’s popular choice of places  as she calls it an office block. That might be a little harsh but she prefers the baronial Scottish pile of Balmoral or the out of town Castle at Windsor instead. Buckingham Palace is an incredible piece of architecture that simply shouts out all of the finest examples of the Georgian period style. It’s used for state functions and the run up to it from the Mall allows for large crowds to gather in front of it for both sad and happy occasions. The appearance of the Royal Family on the famous balcony has been the focus of many a photo opportunity down through the decades. It is a nightmare to clean, especially the carpets, but if the Queen were only to follow the link for this Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham company she would have no trouble getting someone to clean up after the Corgis.

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The house has seven hundred and seventy five rooms plus the biggest private garden in the London area. The Palace has a quite a long history being built on the site of a piece of land and a village that forded the river Tyburn, a tributary of the Thames. It was owned by Edward the Confessor before William the Conqueror gave it away. Nowone was sure who owned the site and several properties such as Goring House and Buckingham House were on it before a legal loophole left over from the Civil War meant that the area came back into the hands of the then monarch George the third.

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George decided to make the House a home for his wife Queen Charlotte and a modest, by Royal standards, house was built. Georges son, George the Fourth, was an extravagant wastrel and he fancied doing the place up and, as is usual with George VI, the project and the budget overan and the architect was fired. After it was finished the Palace of Westminster, Home of the UK’s Parliament was badly damaged by fire so much so that Buckingham Palace was considered as a replacement by William the Fourth,Georges younger brother, and next King.

The Palace was finally finished in 1837 but poor William VI never saw it finished or was able to live in it. That fell to the next monarch and she was Queen Victoria whose reign was the longest until our current monarch Elizabeth the Second. The place obviously has an affect on people.

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