The Royle Family

If any family ever needed a set of personalised Lap trays, then it was easily The Royle Family. This family were quite happy to spend their days and months sat in front of the TV and watching whatever was on and generally commenting on it whist discussing their trials and tribulations. If you could buy them a lap tray it would be pretty easy as you’d just need to look on to give you some ideas. Looking at the characters from the show here are our suggestions.

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Jim Royle.

As head of the household Jim commands and demands respect. He does have a tendency to refer to his posterior when he disagrees with, well, anything that he sees as disagreeable which was pretty much anything. He also enjoyed sharing his toilet requirements with the family or even directly releasing pent up gas at opportune moments. However, he was a generous man and was overjoyed to become a Grandad. He also showed some considerable skill with a banjo, usually at Christmas time.

Jim’s tray picture: A Banjo, a toilet role and his grandson.

Barbara Royle.

Let’s be clear Barbara loves cigarettes. As soon as one is out then the next one is lit up and in. It’s almost an Olympic sport. Apparently, she had a job for a bit, well it kept her in fags, but it was all to much and she stormed out in a fit of protest. As it strained her nerves she never went back. Jim was sad as there were no more discount cakes. Regardless she is a jolly soul who cheers them all up

Barbara’s tray: A picture of a packet of Rothmans.

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Denise Royle

Not the best cook and a fan of the Fags with her Mum Denise has 2 little ones with her Husband Dave but finds looking after them a struggle. Luckily for her, her Mum and Nanna are willing substitutes. She is cruel to her Brother but ultimately loves and supports him when he really needs it.

Denise’s tray: Rothmans and Dairylea, as Dave likes it for his tea.

Antony Royle

The youngest and therefore the menial slave of the family. If a job needs doing, then Antony will do it whether he likes it or not. Tea, hoovering, answering the door. It doesn’t matter if he’s engaged in something else important to him that’s completely irrelevant.

Antony’s tray: A servant’s bell or a bus timetable so he can escape.

The show was filmed with limited number of locations namely the living room and the kitchen. This was deliberate as the plan was to have a “normal” family that people could relate to even if they were a little repulsed to. The show ran for several series and specials but has sadly ended with the death of Caroline Aherne, Denise Royle and the shows part creator and writer.

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