The Trench: The Best Ally For Rainy Days

The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy Days

The weather owed us a month of spring, in May it was cooler than the autumn, and it seemed that with this October of 20 degrees, the debt would be settled. But it has not been possible, the weather has become crooked and in what way: Cold, wind and for more INRI has not stopped raining for a second!

The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy DaysIn spite of it, I tried to put bad weather on good face and I smiled thinking that I could finally release a garment that was boring in the closet: the raincoat of a lifetime, which has already been renamed trench. And I think I have not been the only one who has thought the same thing this morning, because I have seen a real invasion through the streets.

The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy DaysAdvantages: it is light to carry, protects from rain and wind and strikes both with an office look and for a more special occasion. Although the classic trench camel, long and knotted to the waist is still king, other versions have appeared with more daring colors and cuts. The fans of this gift: Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie Katie Holmes. What is yours?

  • The classic: Kate Moss is true to the original design of Burberry. Charlize Theron wears it with golden details while Anne Hathaway prefers one edged.
  • At night: A black satin pattern can look great for a party and captivate all eyes. Angelina Jolie takes it like nobody else.The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy Days
  • from gray to silver: stone tones have become essential in any wardrobe. I love Hilary Duff’s silver!
  • Nuclear white: although it is a more appropriate tone for spring, you can wear it in autumn with black or chocolate. Angelina returns to be the winner.The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy Days
  • Rainbow: Put a color note on a rainy day with a trench of a different color. Mustard is fashionable and looks how it favors. The navy blue is perfect for the most discreet.

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  • Brightness: They are harder to wear but if worn on a special occasion they can make the wearer shine. Better if they are short as the images.

The Trench The Best Ally For Rainy Days

  • Black: The most elegant color of all is one of the favorite tones of many celebrities. Perfect the total black look they wear.

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