Throw the Perfect BBQ with These Tips and Alternative Recipes

There’s nothing that says summer more than a BBQ. But if you’re tired of just serving burgers and sausages, why not try out some of these alternative ideas?

Give Fish a Go

For a lighter option, why not try fish instead of meat? Some varieties such as monkfish or tuna, which are meatier in texture, hold up well to the rigours of the BBQ. Monkfish is nice in a curry marinade, while tuna goes well with chilli and lime juice. You can cook them either as whole pieces or skewered with a selection of vegetables.

If you are using bamboo or wood-based skewers, don’t forget to soak them in water for a few hours before you use them. This will stop them burning on the BBQ.

You can find lots of BBQ food recipes on the web, such as these from the Telegraph.

Get the Kids Involved

Kids love to help in the kitchen, and aside from being great fun it gives you the opportunity to spend some time together as well as giving their confidence and self-esteem a boost when they see their finished product. While helping with the BBQ itself probably isn’t the safest idea, they can certainly help prepare some easy side dishes and desserts.

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Dishes such as coleslaw, rice and salad are quick and easy to prepare, and you can play about with ingredients to make your own versions of the classic recipes. Try adding different vegetable to your coleslaw such as red cabbage, radishes, beetroot or celeriac, and you can spice it up with cayenne pepper or chilli flakes. Or for a completely different salad, why not try a Swiss sausage and cheese version from

For dessert try fruit-based skewers and jellies or frozen smoothies than are cool and refreshing for a hot day. You can even serve up some delicious home-made lemonade.

Finally, don’t forget you want to be able to enjoy the sunshine too, so get prepared in advance and the lessen the work on the day by preparing the night before. Pop your fish or meat along with the marinade in a food bag or container and leave it in the fridge overnight. Vegetables can also be chopped or grated the night before and kept in a food bag in the fridge.

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