Tips For Visiting Paris In Winter

Tips For Visiting Paris In Winter

The snow and the cold can play tricks on us, but it is enough to go well prepared to enjoy Paris in winter, one of its best times of the year. Christmas lighting in the city is splendid and invites never to leave.

Planning trips in Europe in winter is an odyssey because one wonders if the most popular destinations will look just as beautiful and can be used as well as other times of the year.

The answer is simple: each season has its incentive, and while cold and snow can make theirs, traveling in the low season also has its advantages. Better prices, fewer people, and more autochthonous citizens doing their routine. That which ultimately defines a city.

These reasons, among others, led me to visit Paris in winter. It is very easy to find accommodation at a good price at this time of year. And in return, we enjoy the city of light in all its day and night splendor.

What is the best way to visit Paris in winter?

Here are some tips:

Go prepared for the cold

The Parisian winter is colder than that of most Spanish enclaves. Therefore, from November and until March it is advisable to fill your suitcase with warm clothes and not of the Mediterranean coast, but of the shelter of truth. Wool sweaters, pants and thick socks, scarf, gloves, hat and even earmuffs.Tips For Visiting Paris In Winter

Do not forget clothes that can be put on top of each other, in the purest “onion” style.

Do not forget to wear good shoes, especially if there is a risk of snowfall. The day after a snowfall may look splendid, but temperatures will not be springtime. The snow will turn to ice and footwear will be necessary that allows walking comfortably, not to slide and not to be soaked with puddles and muddy snow.

Snow equals chaos

Paris is not a city of perpetual snow in winter, but some snow falls. And when it does the city becomes a chaos, just as it happens in ours.

It is advisable to avoid road trips in those days, and think alternatives to possible cancellations of flights at airports.

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Nights of light

Many fear not having enough sun to enjoy Paris in winter, but the truth is that doing it at night is a delight.Tips For Visiting Paris In Winter

The lighting of the Parisian monuments is fascinating, to the point that a walk is obligatory at sunset.

The contrast of the white facades with the black of the night, the winter mist and the icy breath of the passers-by is unmissable. Fairytale.

A nice coffee

Parisian cafes have a reputation for being warm and welcoming, and what better time than winter to enjoy them. We will find them all over the city, and they are the best way to integrate into your lifestyle.

Christmas in Paris

The Christmas lighting in Paris is lit at the end of November and arrives punctually each night until after the holidays. It looks splendid in the most touristic places, like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees or the immense tree that is installed in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.Tips For Visiting Paris In Winter

However, the best place to enjoy it is the Galeries Lafayette. The immense mosaic of lights on its façade is a true Parisian reference, and it does not come alone. Its shop windows are filled with animations for children, and inside the shop, located on the central boulevard Haussmann, there is an immense Christmas tree every year.

For the rest, the city offers us the same as during the rest of the year: monuments, history, art and beauty at every step.


Will you give up all of this for a little cold?

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