Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5

Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5

Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5

 BMW M5? Just a few months ago, BMW Spain began the commercialization of the new Series 5, an interesting proposal that combines elegance, dynamism and a much more versatile interior. The initial offer is limited, but little by little new alternatives will come with the passage of time. However, we already know what the automotive aftermarket is like, where the most gourmets want large doses of power and a more radical aspect from the start.

That is why trainers like AC Schnitzer are working against the clock to offer significantly more radical variants than the standard ones, and the last to pass through the hands of this specialist is the new Bavarian sedan in its sedan and family versions. As we can see in the images,  the changes both inside and outside are remarkable , with a much more radical and even more sporty appearance without fit. But the most interesting improvements have been made under the hood, where thanks to a reprogramming of the ECU, AC Schnitzer has achieved an improvement in the power of the 540i and 530d. The company also promises future improvements for the M550i, 530i and 520d.

Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5Thus, the BMW 540i raises the power of the block of six cylinders in line with 3.0 liters of displacement until the 400 CV (298 kilowatts) , instead of the current 340 CV (250 kilowatts). For the diesel variant, the 530d with 3.0-liter mechanics now offers 315 hp (235 kilowatts) , instead of being satisfied with 265 hp (198 kW). And how could it be otherwise, the German model receives a series of new parts and elements on the outside that give it that most distinctive appearance, while improving the aerodynamics of the set and are in line with the mechanics.

Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5Inside the changes are less remarkable than outside, some of them are velvet mats; aluminum sports pedals or a series of badges that make it clear that this is an AC Schnitzer preparation.

Until The Arrival Of The BMW M5The   front splitter, the bumpers, the carbon fiber details and the modest rear wing located above the tailgate stand out. No less striking is the exhaust system, which in addition to include stainless steel outlets with chrome or black finish, offer a deafening sound to match the optimizations. Additionally, a custom suspension module has been installed that brings the Series 5 to the ground by 25 mm on the front axle and 20 mm on the rear, in order to achieve a better grip and a sportier ride. To top off the aesthetics, the preparer also offers a set of rejuvenated tires.

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