Why Visitor Management Systems Are Important in the Digital Age

Every organisation, from office-based firms to manufacturing factories to the smallest school, needs to address the issue of workplace visitors.

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A good policy protects individuals based in the workplace site as well as visitors. The latter can include visitors from other companies, members of the public visiting a law office, for example, parents at a school as well as external contractors working on the site.

In the digital age the old practice of a paper sign-in in a visitors’ book is being replaced. A Digital Visitors Staff Signing in book is becoming the favoured option for most managers.

An example of such an innovation can be found at sites such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/digital-visitors-and-staff-signing-in-book.aspx.

Any visitor to a site must be made aware of health and safety issues when visiting a site, and these highlight the importance of an accurate view of exactly who is on site at any given time.


An accurate snapshot of who is on the site in real time ensures that any safety drill will mean that all personnel, employed or visiting, will be covered.

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Visitor policy will normally be written by and be the responsibility of the human resources department.


This should mean that any visitor will be registered by the visitor management software when entering the building. The importance of employing such software is that diverse entrances can be covered and constantly updated. Such a system will register the visitor and record the reason for their visit, and where necessary who they are visiting.

Schools will find such a system invaluable given the amount of movement on and off site. This can be pupils leaving en-bloc for a school event away from the buildings, a single pupil leaving for a dental appointment or parents visiting to see staff.

The introduction of DBR checks also means schools and colleges must be aware of exactly who is visiting their site and whether they should be allowed access.

Care homes are another sector catering for the vulnerable who can benefit from a digital signing-in book. There are visitors as well as a large number of individuals who should be traceable on-site.

The best system will incorporate badge printing, fob scanning, safety issues involving those with mobility issues and a personalised branding facility.

Pen and paper are consigned to history.

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