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You could be forgiven for thinking that world records usually involve daring and adventurous stunts. While many records are known for their dangerous or outlandish events, some records are set quietly but no less impressively. Records that involve computers and the internet for example. Here we look at some world records that are all to do with websites and the online world:

  1. Most URL tattoos

If you’re an online addict and love nothing better than having your nose pressed against a screen all day, then you’ll probably appreciate this man’s dedication to the world of websites. In Montreal, Canada, Pat Vaillancourt amasses an impressive collection of some 10,012 website URL tattoos on his body! He achieved this amazing world record by August 2011.

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  1. Most Firefox Tabs Opened

Slow day at work? Then why not try to come up with your own similar challenge? In just 30 seconds, Ben Kula opened a whopping 239 tabs consecutively on his Mozilla Firefox browser. Now, that’s a quick-clicking mouse finger! The challenge took place in Colorado in July 2011. Think you can do better?

  1. Quickest Time to Visit Different Websites

In June 2013, Akshay Kalose managed to visit 5 different sites in just 8.44 seconds. Kalose of Kentucky must have lots of surfing experience. If you think it’s time for your website to have an overhaul or makeover, then consider contacting a Website designer Cardiff

  1. Slowest Time to Open Google

From the super quick to the painfully slow – Yre Khara of the Lebanon set the world record for the slowest opening up of Google’s home page on 13th March 2011. He waited an eternal 7.56 seconds for the page to load. He should have a word with his internet provider!

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  1. Most Google Video Search Results Viewed

The setting was London, England on 23rd November 2016. Jake Stock successfully clicked onto 16 Google video search result pages in just 60 seconds. A misspent youth perhaps?

  1. Fastest Document Publishing

Ontario, Canada in January 2010 was the location and date for this next world record involving the creation, saving and publishing of a document to a website. Tim Kloske carried out this impressive feat in just 4.38 seconds. We can only imagine that the document was not exactly War and Peace!

  1. Most Quora Notifications

The holder of this record is someone named Jireh A. who had the most known Quora notifications on his page – a total of 446. This world record was set on 2nd May 2015 in Sacramento, California. This is one person who must spent a lot of time online.

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