What is a C+E licence?

What kind of job pays £30,000 for someone freshly qualified? If you are thinking about a new career, haulage is worth a long hard look. There is a shortage of good drivers at the moment and with Brexit looming, the demand and pay rate will surely increase.

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Being properly trained and having the right insurance is vital. Here we take a brief look at licence categories, as well as training and insurance.

Licence categories

Typically, car drivers will have a Cat B licence. As well as driving your car this will allow you to drive a vehicle and trailer within certain weight limits, depending on whether you passed your test before or after January 1997. Check your driving licence if you are planning to do this for the first time.

To drive an articulated lorry you will need a C+E licence. This will also allow you to drive a rigid vehicle and a large trailer. In the 1990s the term LGV was introduced in the UK from Europe. At this point the licence category was changed from HGV Class 1 to LGV C+E although they are effectively the same.

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You may already have a Cat C licence, for delivery driving, for example, and if not, you will need to train for one. As well as being over 18, with a full car licence, you will need an LGV medical. Following training you will need to pass Cat C theory and practical tests. To drive an artic you will then need further training and to pass C+E theory and practical tests.

Buying HGV

If you are buying a second-hand HGV you will need to look into its history. If you have a registration number you can check basic information directly with DVLA here: https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla.

You will also need to organise HGV insurance. High street brokers may be able to help but you will probably get a better deal at an online site such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance.


Whether you are a car driver looking for change, or a Cat C delivery driver looking to upgrade, this is a great time to get into HGV driving. With or without a deal, Brexit will bring big changes to haulage. Pay is already good, and drivers are in short supply. What are you waiting for?

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