What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?

What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?

I bet that in the last months or years you have seen several videos that are recorded from the inside of a car, mainly recorded in Russia, where accidents, outrages or meteorites fall. Those responsible for recording these videos are dashcam.

What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?Dashcam: Cameras for the car

Its name comes from the mixture in English between “dashboard” (panel) and camera, for that of which they are usually placed in the dashboard. These are cameras designed to be placed inside the vehicle, pointing forward so that while driving dashcam record everything that happens in front of the vehicle.

The recordings are related to the Russians because in this country most of the insurers of vehicles impose the installation of a dashcam as an essential requirement in their contracts to collect evidence in case of any incidence. Insurance fraud is often seen in Russia and pedestrians are jumping in front of vehicles to claim compensation later. They have also been used for years by American patrol cars (typical “Impact TV” videos).

What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?Types of dashcam and brackets

The most common is to use a dashcam without installation that works on battery, many choose to do a little DIY with the light inside to connect the camera there and care about the power supply. There are also installations to improve the integration with the rest of the vehicle and that aesthetically passes the most unnoticed possible.

Garmin Dashcam

Depending on the shape, we can classify them into 3 types:

In the form of a camera, where we can distinguish between those that have double camera (to record in both directions).

The ones that act as rearview mirror inside, which simulates this and has the same operation with a camera inside and the buttons / connections needed to manipulate it.

Those that include GPS and have a browser form, such as those launched by Garmin a few weeks ago.

The brackets can vary depending on the characteristics of your vehicle and your tastes, the usual thing is to place the dashcam on the windshield with a suction cup, but some people install it hanging from the ceiling, on the dashboard, anchored to the rear view mirror or if you are from the That moves in motorcycle, in the handlebars of this one.

 What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?What are these recordings for?

Usually used for security reasons, although there are those who enjoy recording their travels on the trip to a city or even if they someday catch something interesting to share on youtube.

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Your strong point is security. We have all witnessed some barbarity behind the wheel, whether we have been involved or not. Having a recording in case of need, knowing that most of these incidents are often “your word against someone else’s”, can be a great help to clarify the events or defend you from false reports.

What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Good For?Availability and prices

This technology has gone down in price to the point where, although it is not a necessity, for a few euros we can save a lot of headaches at any given time. There are dozens of brands with an exceptional value for money, with which you can make great recordings with a price that is around 50 euros.

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