What Is A Relationship Problem And How To Get Rid Of It?

What Is A Relationship Problem And How To Get Rid Of It

Why are there so many conflicts and problems in relationships, family and social? How to cope and free yourself, once and for all, to live in harmony and with absolute confidence to face the new problems?

In fact, the solution is not found on this website or in a book or in a professional and even less accumulating more and more knowledge through words. No, it is within the one or the one that lives the problem.

This is the mistake that almost everyone has done and is doing for thousands of years and why relationship problems are perpetuated from generation to generation.

Let’s look at all the different points of view in order to understand what the problems are. My many experiences have made me aware of an essential and important element with regard to a relationship problem or a personal problem.

I create my problems unconsciously to have opportunities to consciously create and choose the life I want.

Can you see how you, like me, have learned to solve problems? If we look at the whole of our life and the whole of the human experience, we can say beyond a doubt that the way to solve the relationship problems is functional, if we want to create harmony?

What Is A Relationship Problem And How To Get Rid Of ItDiscover 7 reactions to interpersonal relationship problems and identify yours.

To understand a problem of relationship is to love it with all its being

Problems in relationships are opportunities to become aware of something. Although feelings are unpleasant, nature has created us in this way to inform us radically and with an immediate emergency that we have something important to discover in us, create

However, the conditioning of our thinking makes us react to not accept the problem and get rid of it as soon as possible. We react by going outside accusing others, looking for a solution outside of ourselves, in short, believing that words have healing power. The only thing we do not do is keep silence with our problem so that he reveals all his secrets to us to free us completely.

Therefore, we have a habit of not intending to understand and love ourselves as we are, when we live a relationship problem. Without realizing it, we deny what we are and accept what we should be. And yet, it is exactly the opposite of what we have to understand.

What Is A Relationship Problem And How To Get Rid Of ItHow do we create our personal or relationship problems?

Can you imagine a life without problems? Of course not, you know that problems are part of life. Just think of life without a problem and it’s already a problem, do not you think? We are so afraid of experiencing problems, that we create an even greater problem, security

Our desire for security comes from our fear of life’s problems. Therefore, our ideal is to remain comfortable in something permanent that brings us this security. We are afraid because we do not realize our creative power.

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Do people marry to have more security? Are people trapped in a job to be more secure? Is what friends are jealous and exclusive to have more security?

The only permanent is truly impermanence. In addition, even doing nothing to take care of ourselves and others, we are creating problems that will be presented later.

You get sick because I do not take care of you while I was well.

What Is A Relationship Problem And How To Get Rid Of ItDenying your creative power creates your problems and you forget

You have been, like me, conditioned to forget about yourself, to deny what you are and creation is the power that gives us our own recognition. It is sincerely accepting that you unconsciously created all your problems, that life changes. You begin to see the outside world becoming increasingly unconscious and discover how unconscious you were.

At this point, true creation begins, not the imitative mind that is conditioned to forget and be controlled in the interests of those who govern. You easily perceive that these same leaders are still asleep. The fear of authority begins to move away from you and makes existence, its natural expression, be this, freedom.

Now only one relevant question remains…

Do you want to live your life consciously or unconsciously?

If you have not consciously chosen to be the cause of everything that happens to you, by default, you live almost unconsciously, without even realizing it. Have you experienced this awareness in you and around you?

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