When buying wood online avoid these mistakes

The convenience of online shopping makes impulse buying something we can do 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. It’s easy to make purchases, and we do so in droves. To help you shop for wood online, here is a handful of common mistakes to avoid.

Make sure you order enough material

Even though you measured everything up correctly, experts recommend ordering approximately 8% more than you think you’ll need. That way, even if you don’t use all the materials, you won’t have much left over, and the remaining pieces will be ideal for future repairs.

Don’t be dazzled

The colour of the wood you are viewing online is not its actual colour, as viewed in natural light. Bear this in mind, particularly when matching wood tones. Wood also attracts a variety of marks and distresses as it ages, such as dents and nicks. Don’t expect to be able to match wood pieces perfectly, as every piece of wood is different.

A Wood Flooring expert found at links like irwintiles.ie/ will help you identify the best pieces of wood and will sell you quality products. The great thing with online shopping is all experts are local, such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.

Correct installation is vital

 Remember that wood is a natural material, and will react to changes in humidity. If you’re laying a wood floor, whether it’s engineered wood flooring or solid wood, make sure it is laid correctly, to avoid all risk of condensation warping the wood. Don’t become a buckled floor casualty for the online experts

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Choose the right finish

The internet has become a virtual world of increasing choice. Products evolve and improve at a faster rate, such as finishes for wood flooring. There are so many available on the market nowadays, and the consumer is spoilt for choice. Make sure the finish is exactly what you want.

Check the warranty

Taking the time to read the small print on your transactions is excellent practice, and can save you time and trouble later on. The bigger the online claim made about a guarantee or warranty, the closer you need to look at its terms.

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Online shopping is gaining momentum and convenience. By familiarising yourself with these tips, we hope you’ll be able to avoid these frustrating errors and make more expert decisions.

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