When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The Tomb

When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The Tomb

When we are told that we have a certain part of our body inflamed, it is most likely that we have an infection capable of reacting well with redness, swelling or pain.

Once the infection has passed, these symptoms disappear, i.e. inflammation.

People usually worry when they are told they have an inflamed organ.

When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The TombWhen, in fact inflammation is normally a good sign, it means that the immune system is healthy and ready to perform its functions.

  • One of them is precisely fighting infections.
  • The problem arises when the inflammation becomes chronic.
  • Since it can lead to genetic mutations, a wide range of diseases and ultimately even cancer.

The key concern is that most people do not even know they have chronic inflammation.

There are blood tests that can detect inflammation, but are cost prohibitive, when the body suffers chronic inflammation, additional proteins are released in the blood and these proteins are detected by such tests.

Subtle symptoms may also appear indicating that the body is constantly under stress, so if you are going to do some testing or just notice that something is still wrong and when you cannot pinpoint the cause of that evil.

It is absolutely essential to understand the causes and effects of chronic inflammation and change lifestyle if necessary in order to get rid of this disruptive condition.

Chronic Inflammation: At the Edge of the Tomb

When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The TombWhat exactly is inflammation?

Simply put, inflammation is the body’s natural reaction to injury.

There are 2 types of inflammation: short term or acute inflammation and chronic, prolonged or systemic inflammation.

Acute inflammation

Acute inflammation occurs when you have a wound or infection.

It usually occurs during the first 24 or 48 hours with signs such as redness, pain, swelling and heat.

The body increases blood flow to the affected area and the immune system does its work by repairing the damaged area.

It is not always a pleasant experience.

But it is the way the body has to fight the injuries and thus achieve the restoration of health.

Think of a sore throat, rash, or sprained ankle, these are all forms of acute inflammation.

Once the wounds heal, the inflammation disappears.

When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The TombChronic inflammation

When the inflammation is prolonged, it is when it becomes chronic; it is no longer a healing process, but rather a symptom that something is very bad in any organ of our body.

Basically, the immune response has not been turned off because the immune system is out of control, releasing immune prionflammatory cells when they are not really needed.

This excess immune cells can cause all kinds of damage to health if they are not controlled the body is essentially in constant defense mode and this extra stress is very detrimental to health.

Chronic inflammation puts us at the edge of the grave

The terrible truth about chronic inflammation is its relationship with almost all chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, depression, allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity … and the list goes on, on and on.

Modern research has correctly identified chronic inflammation as one of the main roots in all these diseases, and many more.

When Chronic Inflammation Can Take You To The Edge Of The TombWhy is health in danger?

Chronic inflammation releases so much energy into the body and the immune system’s resources are constantly struggling against what it perceives as an infection or injury.

Second, having such an amount of immune cells when they are not needed causes changes in healthy cells, and even genetic mutations that can lead to several types of cancer.

The way these immune cells interact with healthy cells leads to many of the above-mentioned diseases along with many others.

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