When Millennials Look For Work

When Millennials Look For Work

The job scenario for millennials, young people between 20 and 35 years old, is quite different from that experienced by previous generations. Although the market is recovering, millennium unemployment remains high compared to age, as they simply do not have the ability to remain in one job for many years, gaining experience and promotions at the same time. Along the way.

“That’s why classic search tips are not applicable to millennials, which are frequent targets of layoffs and victims of industry instability,” says Madeleine Burry in his article “Practical Job Searching Tips for Millennials “Balance. In addition, many of them are forced to accept jobs below their level of qualification because of a small market. In that sense, we want to give you some practical advice so that you can understand how millennials look for work, adapted to the realities of the changing employment landscape.

When Millennials Look For WorkIdentify a goal

The first step to any successful job search is a goal. When considering this point, millennials should take into account the work they would like to do on a day to day basis, the salary they need, what kind of culture works well for them, and the right jobs for each personality. It is important to be able to understand that the first jobs will not always be what one expected, but it will be those first roles that will allow developing skills and gaining experience, providing valid knowledge for the future.

When Millennials Look For WorkUse the network of contacts

Millennials are the generation of social networks and it is through these platforms that the contacts can make a job search more effective. In this sense, when knowing the personality of the candidate, the contacts will help to find a job that fits the personality of the applicant. Here are some tips on how the millennium generation can build and use your network:

Enroll in LinkedIn: It is a network that is job-oriented. Recruiters constantly walk the site trying to identify potential applicants, and the portal is also a source of job advertisements.

Clean social networks: If you are looking for work, it is advisable to clean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks of comments or images Now the selectors can investigate the applicants and determine a contract taking into account the content of their Networks.

Contact the college career office: This is a great free resource that can help you locate a job, define the industries that interest you, and help prepare for an interview.

When Millennials Look For WorkAvoid processes that are over

One of the most important characteristics of millennials is to try to reduce the processes to reach the goal, so it is very frustrating for them to have to: write a cover letter, when all the information is on the resume or answer about Data that are also included in CV. That is why it is necessary to follow some steps as you progress in the application process:

When Millennials Look For WorkSubmit the application correctly: Carefully read the job description before sending the document and make sure to include everything that the employer requests.

Review and correct: Take care of the details, because an error, however small, can have a huge impact.

Appropriately attend the interview: Wear appropriate clothing, turn off the phone during the meeting, greet people with education and present good body language throughout the conversation.

Job interview preparation: Employers expect the applicant to be ready for the interview, showing great familiarity with the company, for which it is important to check the website as well as press mentions.

Employers should keep in mind that millennials are workers who no longer seek job stability, so it is advisable to try to provide them with all the possible comforts that will allow them to retain as much time as possible and use their talents in benefits of the organization.


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