Why Are Your Parents Always Right?

Why Are Your Parents Always Right?

Why in almost all family relationships, children are always the culprits and parents are always right? Does not the consequences of being tried cause children a sense of guilt that simply leads them to not love themselves and become detestable adults?

Who determines what is false and what is true, what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong? Do we not have the free will regarding that, regardless of age, education and title?

Why Are Your Parents Always Right?Do you want to live in fear and guilt all your life, or do you prefer to live another thing?

You are already judged as a bad boy, whatever you do!

In this way, everything your parents do, everything that your parents are related to you is already qualified, judged from before observing or understanding situations … Is that fair or unfair?

As a child, you are already judged as bad, whatever you do. You are deemed bad, not because it is bad, but because you were born after your parents … that is what I think is stupid and totally unconscious of parents and adults who feel powerful in their relationships with children.

Can you, as a child, see this truth? Your parents can not do it, but can you see it, because that’s all that matters? This consciousness has no age or title in life.

Why Are Your Parents Always Right?Is it really the parents who make mistakes more often?

If the children are kind and do good things, but their parents disagree, then the children will always be wrong … and content themselves with doing hateful things like their parents.

Seeing the world and its evolution for thousands of years, seeing the same problems from generation to generation, I wonder and also ask children and adolescents, is it possible that parents are almost always mistaken about life?

Why Are Your Parents Always Right?If you are a parent, can you admit that you have been conditioned as a child?

And the fundamental error is not to believe deeply that parents are never wrong, that they are always right in their relationship with their children and that they are the children who always make mistakes?

Parents are not aware of their nature and teach that to their children

If you are a teenager, many of you are probably wondering if life is different than what adults show you. In fact, this life is very different, despite the deceptive appearances.

And you cannot be wrong about your feelings, because they are your truths. Your parents or anyone else have forgotten them and if you do not respect them, then you will also forget them in turn and live unconsciously, live your life in a state of sleepwalking, without being conscious.

Feelings are the most important things in your life, as they launch the process of creation and also release your behavior in relationships. They are the language of the soul.

Can you observe adults to see if they create new things or if they continually imitate staying in their comfort zone? Can you also see if they are kind in their relationships or the other way around? They are not aware of their feelings and then react in a way contrary to their nature.

This is how adults live and that is why there is so much conflict, separation, disputes, wars, massacres, competition, etc.

You should start seeing in yourself, who you are, what your nature is , according to you and not according to what others say about you. His parents and teachers are not aware of his nature and then, this is the teaching he has received and that propagates through the generations.

Humans are not born imperfect. It is the sins of the parents that are transmitted to the children. God did not create anything imperfect and gave us free will and will never interfere with our choices, whether good or bad, it does not matter.


How do parents abuse children’s unconditional love?

In front of the elderly, you become more aware of yourself, of life and ask more questions to understand. So to be right and show that you are wrong; parents use other means to win their case. They try to win, so as not to lose face and not be kind, understanding in the relationship. This is the basis of all divisions, separations, conflicts, disputes.

Do not parents abuse the innocence of children to love their parents unconditionally? Do parents use this innocence to better control, dominate, making them dependent on them through manipulation for fear of not giving them survival needs, love, if they do not listen to them?

And to frighten them better and force them to do what they want, why not verbal violence, abuse, punishment and sentence?

If the survival needs of children were assured by the government, would parents be kinder to their children without trying to control them with this dependency?

Why Are Your Parents Always Right?Have you ever heard your parents admit their mistakes?

Honestly, have you ever heard your parents admit their mistakes in front of you and thus see their vulnerability, their humanity? See they are wrong, instead of trying to show an image to look like?

You watch them say something in familiar intimacy, but when they are in public, they act differently to look good. Do they seem really good at lying and acting like people who have no confidence in themselves and hide their truth?

Is it an error or a choice that did not work?

If you do not know what you want to achieve, how can you know that choice works or not?

Parents live mechanically without knowing very well their intentions (present feelings and future desires). They make decisions for others, but rarely for them, then do they not evolve by complete experience.

Since they are not aware of their feelings, they are not aware of what they do and what they seek to do. If they do not know where they are and where they are going, then they cannot go wrong, because they are not aware of following a path.

They live a life according to what others have been told to do, to have and to be. They are afraid to choose the life they want and submit to the will of others. If this is not a form of slavery and jail, then what is it?

That is why they are always right in your eyes and you are always wrong. They live in fear and a person who lives like this will always produce the consequences of fear.

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They are divided in their relationship rather than united through the understanding of their feelings and those of others, of their children.

Do not be fooled by beautiful pictures on television that show a sympathetic parent with your child, you know that’s fake. It is not the way it happens behind the walls of the house and school. Hypocrisy has a name: Adults. Do not be like them, for God’s sake!

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