Why Does Not A Woman Need To Get Married?

Why Does Not A Woman Need To Get Married?

Did you know that according to statistics, the CIS countries occupy one of the leading positions in the number of divorces in the world?

By the way, with all the consequences for the spouses themselves, and for those who are “clinging” – children, parents, mutual friends.

And the saddest thing is the growing disappointment in you, in men and, what’s terrible, in love itself.

Why did you get married? There are only three standard options … Let me guess! Were you green and in love? There are a psychological immaturity and inexperience of two.

You did not understand your own requests, desires, and could not recognize “not your” partner.

Or, for example, you go on the scenario of sad experiences of your parents. And maybe you went on about the “wise” advisers and was afraid that you would not wait for it.

Remember, if both of the couples are aware, the doom of marriage is visible from afar. And if not, then without work on yourself you will “jump on rake”.

So, there are 9 reasons why you should never get married.

For money

No, the choice is certainly yours. But very rarely a man does not know that you are not with him in the big and mutual. It will treat you like a commodity, not bothering about your emotional experiences.

“I bought and I roll” …

On the fly

The child is not to blame for anything, but you doom him to live in a family without love. Even with a sense of guilt – “if not for me, parents would not tolerate each other.”Why Does Not A Woman Need To Get Married?

A similar phrase from one of you will definitely break out sooner or later. A child is a happiness! Give birth and enjoy motherhood!

If the father of the child is a decent man, he will be a good father to the baby and without a stamp in the passport. And if not, then your marriage will not last long, believe me.

But if you become a professional woman, one will not belong. A woman with children has never repelled normal men. Nowadays it is also a “bonus” in the eyes of men.

To work on errors

It makes no sense to flee from one marriage to another. All your mistakes you will repeat again, only cultivating disgust for everything male.

Do not throw yourself into the arms of a new man after another break. A new man will not be a dumb reproof to your ex. But it will be keen to feel your condescension.

Do not run in the conviction of “All men are goats!”. Consciousness is so arranged that NOT the goats simply will not fall into the field of view, and the installation itself will influence more and more.

Without love

Of course, in no case can you marry without love. And do not be led by all these “because it’s time,” “the children need a father,” “you need a child,” “what kind of love there is.”

Many simply do not know, do not understand what “love” is …

But the fact that sooner or later you will break through and want to love – I guarantee! And you’ll be looking for it on the side. And this is another, sad story …

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To escape

You do not have to marry to leave the parental home. This is a very dangerous temptation, especially for young girls brought up in the spirit of the most stringent rules.

The apartment or even the room of a potential husband is not an indication that he is a decent man. Maybe she got it from her grandmother?

And parents do not have to run away – you need to cut the umbilical cord in time. Designate a distance for yourself and you can become an independent person. Take responsibility for your life.

Because of fear

If you are 30 and you are not yet married – this is an excuse to work on yourself, and do not run under the crown, so as not to brand the old maid.

You cannot live intolerance. You will have to persuade yourself every morning, because “everyone lives like this, but at my age, without a family, it’s already indecent.” Believe me, it’s hard to imagine something more terrible!

Avoid not being alone, but being unhappy! A happy person will not be alone by definition.

But, being happy and self-sufficient, you simply will not have a chance to create a harmonious, love relationship with the same mature man.

Out of pity

One of the most stupid reasons. Pity is a low feeling, they are humiliated by a partner. It is necessary to regret the sirens and the wretched, and not the man, I’m sorry.

Drawing for charity? Help the poor, orphans and old people.

A man should love and respect, and not regret. And in the complexities – to understand and support. Worthy men hate pity, by the way.

For the sake of sex

To marry, because he is a “good lover” – crazy. Yes, sex is an integral part of harmonious relationships.Why Does Not A Woman Need To Get Married?

But “do not have the same sex”!

Someday you want a husband to see you a person, and not just an object of lust.

With whom you cannot build a long-term relationship and marry

Run away from this even if you are sure that he is your Destiny. It’s candy-bouquet pink glasses, believe me! Marriage with this is always doomed to failure.

So, run away from him if he:

Miser. He, by the way, may even be rich, but this quality will turn your relationship into eternal humiliation, and you – into a beggar.

Alcoholics, drug addict, gambler – immediately and so everything is clear!

Pathological jealous  –  I wrote about this article, why the relationship with a jealous man will not lead to anything good.

Aggressive boor. Do not flatter yourself if you see how he throws himself at others. You too will get very soon, be sure!

Straight niche rod. Does not work, does not aspire to development and growth, expels you on three works. With him, you will cease to be a woman. He will shift all responsibility for the family and for failures on your fragile shoulders … Do you want this?

And for whom to go?!

For what kind of a man need to get married? How to attract a worthy man? Watch my videos! I’m telling everything in detail at my master classes.

Can a woman be happy when she refused to marry in the wrong scenario and with the wrong man?

Of course, it can! Do not cross yourself. Take the time when you yourself and “wake up.” Pull skills of a real woman. Be engaged in soul, mentality and necessarily body.

Dispose of properly free time and money. Invest in yourself, and not in desperation!

Only an informed, happy, harmonious woman attracts worthy men who give a sense of safety and reliability of Men! And then you will have all the chances for a happy partnership.

Marriage is the deliberate choice of two mature psychologically people who sincerely love and respect each other. When separately it is easy and good, but together – more lovingly.

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