Why we love Gogglebox

It seems that people from all walks of life and generations love to watch a bit of Gogglebox. Some would argue that the TV show does nothing for culture and watching other people watching TV is just pure brainless nonsense. However, they shouldn’t be too quick to judge. It has now been running successfully for several years, gone through multiple series and it seems as popular as ever.

People of all persuasions can enjoy the show and we’re now very familiar with the format. Around a dozen families, friends or partners are filmed whilst watching TV over the previous week. A production team are elsewhere in the house, collecting reactions and funny bits to edit into the final show. It’s a strangely simple concept and yet fascinates us in a kind of anthropological manner, like a study of human behaviour. Don’t let a dodgy aerial ruin your watching of other people’s watching. Contact TV Aerial Installation Bristol. aerial-installations-bristol can help with all tv aerial installations in Bristol

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The casting for a show like is becomes hugely important. Get it right and you’ve got a nation hooked on their favourite ‘family next door’ but get it wrong and some poor family will be resented by the country for the foreseeable future.

One of the reasons we love it so much is that it’s constantly entertaining to watch something we recognise. In a nutshell, all of us are a little narcissistic. Watching Gogglebox is like watching ourselves. It has enjoyed such huge success because it’s more entertaining than watching fictional characters in dramas. You can identify completely with the ordinary people on Gogglebox. The show is full of people crying at sad programmes, criticising politicians, singing along to the Eastenders theme tune and laughing at the comedy shows (just as you have been).

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So, the big secret is that everyone is just a little self-obsessed and loves watching themselves! Bafta understand the genius of such a simple idea, awarding it a gong for best reality and constructed factual programme. It introduces us into the homes of ordinary folk, like us. We don’t have to put up with the fake, over-the-top, wealthy celebs of other reality shows, who we can never truly identify with. We get to enjoy real conversations about everyday matters without the shallow and contrived nature of other reality shows.

What Goggle box reminds us is that the best things in life are sometimes just watching daft TV with your family or best buddies, having a laugh and eating some pizza!

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