Yoga for Neck Pain and Headaches

Yoga for Neck Pain and Headaches

The cause of many headaches is a cramped stance that inevitably leads to some violent tensions. We often sit for hours with his back bent forward at our desks and can come for the right shoulder of the computer mouse forward and down. We tense up more and more and block the blood supply to the head. The first signs register as a Tension Headaches. I speak from experience, unfortunately, right now.Yoga for Neck Pain and Headaches

I’ve now got used at the first knock, immediately usher countermeasures.

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I try to stretch the neck and Chest to open the front, While the shoulder blades of flow usually already together all alone on the back. Then I stand up straight and upright. Interlace your hands behind your back and pull it down slightly. Now I try to gently lift the arms towards the head. The shoulders I leave the bottom. The glorious and sometimes extends to a strain replaced by a slight cracking.

In general: Do not wait until a headache occurs in between but loose every now and then. Become aware of your posture and incline the head to a shoulder and Roll it slowly to the other side.

Also effective: the Shoulder roll. First from the front to the rear and then from back to front. Both a few times a sit, stand or repeat until a relaxation sets.

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