Your website needs to Attract customers

Although content is king for your website, you have to find a way to make people want to read this content in the first place. This is where web designers come in.

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While content may be king, perhaps design is the crown jewels. People need something to draw them in and make them read on. This could be a video, outstanding photo, catchy headline or a website that looks great and is easy to use.

Missouri University of Science and Technology says a person’s eye takes 2.6 seconds to focus on something on a web page when it is loading, according to a Business News Daily article. This means you have little more than the blink of an eye to make your impression count for something.

Making sure your website grabs people’s attention

People are bombarded with messages online and offline constantly, meaning that your website and your message need to be really strong to grab their attention.  This is where a Branding Agency found at links like comes in who help with imagery, brand identity and graphic design.
When you think about how many hours people are using apps, tablets and smartphones to keep in touch, it gives some indication of how many snippets of news and information they are receiving. Much of this will be brushed to one side as irrelevant or not interesting, so how can you make sure your message reaches them?

The importance of getting the look right along with the content are two very good reasons to invest in professional web designers. After all, it is their business to know how to make your company look good and to beat the competition online.

Going mobile with your website

An article by Forbes about online marketing trends says that mobile will dominate desktop, while Google says that mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in 10 countries. This means your website needs to be optimised for mobile, which is another task for the professional website designers to consider, in addition to looking good on a computer.

When you employ a professional company, you can talk about your online needs. They will keep abreast of trends to make sure your website is current and relevant.

You also need to update the content and keep your website up to date so that your clients and viewers will find the need to return to your pages.

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